About Us

S. & P. Blair & Son (originally P. C. Blair) was founded in 1933 by Peter Blair on returning from Africa where he had been a gold prospector. He was a blacksmith, farrier and ornamental ironworker manufacturing gates and railings as well as working to the local farming community, carrying out machinery repairs etc.

On his death in 1953 he was succeeded by his son Stanley Blair in partnership with his wife Pearl. Stanley started the firms long association with the fishing industry doing general engineering for the local fishing fleet.

In 1960 the construction of a cement manufacturing works and quarry locally, provided the impetus for the firm to increase its engineering capacity. At the same time the firm began production of their steel v-trawlboards supplying the U.K. and Irish fishing fleets as well as exporting to South Africa, Canada, Mexico, Belgium and various other countries.

In 1972 Stanley Blair died and the firm passed to his son Michael in partnership with his wife Maureen. The business began a working relationship with the hydraulic machinery firm Fishing Hydraulics (now Rapp Ecosse U.K. Ltd) a division of the Norwegian Group, Rapp Marine, manufacturing a wide range of hydraulic deck machinery.

With the introduction of their two sons Stanley and David to the business, they increased their capacity with computerised design and manufacturing facilities, large capacity machine tools and handling facilities.

The business continues to supply the above industries alongside any general engineering services needed.